There are many debilitating diseases that go undiagnosed or misdiagnosed for weeks, months or years.  This is a problem that we hope collaboration via our Hippra app will help to significantly alleviate.


Chronic situations can lead to agonizing ordeals for patients and their families.  An example is the plight of little Dylan Ferguson, a twin born in 2006 with swelling in his genital area.  A referral to a pediatric surgeon resulted in a diagnosis of bilateral hydroceles, but the baby’s condition worsened and spread. By two months he had severe pitting edema in both legs, and the mother, Heather Ferguson, was instructed to immediately take Dylan to the hospital.  A battery of tests came back normal.  One doctor shared with the family that an Internet search came up with a possible condition of lymphedema; the family was advised to return to the pediatric surgeon who posed a wait and see attitude and said to just “keep an eye on it.” As a determined and concerned parent, however, Heather Ferguson was not satisfied.  She took matters into her own hands, scouring the Internet until she found someone who would listen and take action.  Dylan’s diagnosis of lymphedema was ultimately confirmed and he received the appropriate medical treatments.  Left untreated, the condition would have had disastrous consequences.

This unfortunate scenario led Heather Ferguson, a former professional ballerina, to become Founder and Executive Director of the Lymphedema Advocacy Group, a group that works to improve insurance coverage for lymphedema treatment.

We salute medical champion, Heather Ferguson, and of course her very brave little boy, Dylan.

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